The CEO of Chiller Oy changes on 5 May 2023

Pekka Salmi, CEO of Chiller Oy, has decided to move on to new challenges in his life. The company's Board of Directors has appointed M.Sc. Joonas Lius as the new CEO of Chiller Oy as of May 5, 2023.

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Development of new technologies through simulation

The GECFD research project coordinated by VTT is creating an open simulation and collaboration platform for the development of new technologies required for green fuels and the digital modeling of their use. Koja is involved in the project as an industrial partner.

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More comfort with less energy

Greenhouse gas emissions will need to be cut by at least half of 2008 averages before 2050, according to Internal Maritime Organization standards. As a HVAC pioneer Koja is laser focused on energy efficiency in order to support cruise ship owners to meet the IMO´s goals.

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A vertical farming facility improves eco-friendliness by recycling energy

The vertical farming facility manufactured by the Finnish company Netled Oy optimizes ecology by recycling energy. The air handling and cooling solution of the vertical farming facility maintains optimal cultivation conditions all year round.

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Koja and Flowplus start extensive cooperation on fan inspections, modernisation, maintenance and installation

Koja Industrial Solutions and Flowplus have entered into an agreement on cooperation concerning industrial fan inspection, maintenance, modernization and installation operations. The partnership combines Koja’s strong technical expertise and experience related to fans with Flowplus’s expertise in measurement technologies and its extensive service network.

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Changes in Koja's Boards of Directors

Long-term board members Jorma Aalto and Petri Olkinuora have retired from Koja Group Ltd’s and Koja Ltd's board work in March 2023. In April, the boards of Koja will be joined as new members by Tommi Pettersson and Riku Riikonen. In addition, representatives of the owner family will participate in the boards as observer members. 

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Koja Industrial Solutions steps to South America

Koja Industrial Solutions has signed an agency agreement with the Brazilian company Aracati Ltda. Aracati will act as Koja's local representative in the South American region, offering international customers the first service contact and local knowledge combined with Koja's solid technical know-how.

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Valmet and Koja start Industrial Internet ecosystem cooperation to support energy producers’ operations and maintenance

Valmet and Koja have established an Industrial Internet ecosystem cooperation. Digitalization solutions and data-based services will enable power plants to optimize their process by combining data from the equipment of both providers. 

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Koja to lead the way in the comparison of life cycle environmental impacts


Koja to lead the way in the comparison of life cycle environmental impacts

Koja has carried out an organisation-level emission calculation, alongside which the size of the carbon footprint caused by air handling units was calculated. As the first equipment supplier, Koja has also introduced the possibility of calculating and comparing the life cycle environmental impact (LCA, Life Cycle Assessment) throughout the life cycle of an air handling unit, starting with manufacture.

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