Koja uses climate-friendly energy for manufacturing

The electricity used by Koja’s Tampere and Jalasjärvi factories in Finland has been produced with fully renewable natural resources since 2021. The conscious choice of origin supports Koja’s sustainable development efforts.

Europe uses a guarantee of origin system for renewable energy. The system ensures that the amount of electricity used was generated from renewable sources as chosen by the user. 

Electricity from 100% renewable natural resources

Climate-friendly electricity promotes more sustainable energy production because it is based on renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels and unrenewable energy sources. As a rule, renewable energy sources are much cleaner than other production methods in terms of emissions and environmental impacts. 

“The transition to climate-friendly electricity requires no changes in the organisation or production, but it’s an important message about the organisation’s willingness to take measures for a cleaner environment,” says Matti Huvinen, marketing manager for building air handling solutions at Koja Oy.

“There is a direct link between the electricity used for production and the environmental impacts of the produced machines, and hence life cycle emission calculations. This is significant for Koja’s own operations. Our stakeholders’ respect for environmental viewpoints also supports the choice of climate-friendly electricity.”

Making the green transition

Koja’s aim to participate in bringing about a cleaner future is evident from the company's ownership strategy: it defines the company’s mission to be a cleaner and healthier living environment, including a smaller carbon footprint. Finland aims to be carbon neutral by 2035.

The European Green Deal aims to make Europe climate neutral by 2050. It will simultaneously stimulate the economy through green technology, create sustainable industry and transport, and reduce pollution. This is referred to as the green transition, moving away from growth produced with fossil energy sources and towards growth based on green solutions. 

Acting locally, Koja is a member of the Tampere region’s climate partnership, supporting the region’s shared target of carbon neutrality by 2030. The first climate action set for Koja in the programme was realised by making the transition to renewable energy in production.


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