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Koja to open a new factory in Jalasjärvi

Koja Ltd, a Finnish family-owned company, has expanded its operations in Jalasjärvi. The new factory represents carbon-neutral construction. It uses renewable energy forms and relies on the Group’s new Wave automation system, which has a smart energy station at its core. In addition, investments of several million euros have been made in machinery, equipment and production automation. The improvements aim at sustainable operational development to better respond to customers’ needs. The Jalasjärvi factory produces energy-efficient air handling solutions for ships and buildings to support customers in achieving their carbon neutrality and sustainability targets.


The use of renewable energy forms has been the focus of the construction of the new factory from the very beginning. The goal is a carbon-neutral building, with Koja Group’s own technology solutions as a key element. Emission-free electricity, a solar cell system, geothermal heating and cooling, and smart energy recycling with an automation system constitute a sustainable whole. Functionality is ensured by real-time remote monitoring and analytics of the system, which make it possible to compare the conditions of the system with the manufacturer’s data.

The new factory’s building technology involves next-generation technology in the form of a new Wave system solution, which combines ventilation with cooling and heating. The equipment in the system consists of Koja’s and Chiller’s own products, which have been developed and manufactured in Finland. Koja and Chiller are part of Koja Group.

"The carbon-neutral air handling and energy recycling system is based on an automation system developed by the Group, with a smart energy station at its core. The system manages the heating and cooling needs of the building. Wave is our response to carbon-neutral construction", says Joonas Lius, Business Director, Buildings at Koja Ltd and CEO of Chiller Ltd.

Careful attention has been paid to improving the company’s own energy use in production. The functionality and energy consumption of the new building and production machines are monitored continuously.

"We have invested in energy measurements in the building and in the necessary measures to be taken. Energy efficiency has been a key criterion when making investment decisions. In the factory, measurement points have also been built for each significant production machine", says Timo Sepponen, Factory Director at Jalasjärvi.


Koja’s heat exchanger production has moved to the new factory, and the production of air handling units continues in the current factory. The decision to build a new factory arose from a shift of focus in the product range from traditional modular machines toward ready-made machines with electrical and automation equipment, which require more floor area to produce. The expansion lays a foundation for growth, and both areas can be further developed to achieve better throughput. In line with Koja’s growth strategy, the goal is to increase the production volume at Jalasjärvi by 20–30% from the 2023 level by 2025.

"Investments in machinery increase the level of automation, and higher capacity is easier to scale to fluctuations in demand", says Sepponen.

Investments in machinery are also a significant investment in ergonomics and job satisfaction. The new machines enable automation that can be used to make certain work phases lighter. 

"The automation of stressful tasks and sufficiently spacious cooled production and break facilities increase job satisfaction. The new factory will also have a gym for the entire personnel", adds Sepponen.


The new factory will be handed over and inaugurated at an opening ceremony for the personnel in Jalasjärvi in the new facilities on January 30, 2024. The employees’ commitment and valuable contribution have played a key role in the factory project.

For a Finnish family-owned company, the investment in domestic production has been a long-term strategic decision. In recent years, Koja has invested tens of millions of euros through programs that support the company’s technological leadership. The expansion of operations in Jalasjärvi was preceded by investments in a fan factory in Tampere and in a R&D Center for product development and testing. 

The new facilities in Jalasjärvi consist of around 5,300 m2 of production space, 700 m2 of storage space, and 1,000 m2 of office space. The construction work progressed on schedule, and the cooperation with the builder ran smoothly. ViiSaa Oy served as the builder in the project, and Koja leases the facilities under a long-term agreement.

Further information: 

Timo Sepponen, Factory Director, Koja Ltd, Jalasjärvi factory
tel. +358 50 315 9762, timo.sepponen(at)

Joonas Lius, Business Director, Buildings at Koja Ltd & CEO of Chiller Ltd
tel. +358 50 5454 969, joonas.lius(at)


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