Koja Ltd. initiates change negotiations at Jalasjärvi factory

Koja Ltd. initiates change negotiations for production and financial reasons. The negotiations concern the entire personnel of the Jalasjärvi factory, i.e. around 200 people. Koja’s Jalasjärvi factory is focused on manufacturing air handling units and heat exchangers for buildings and ships.

The need for adjustment is the result of a significant deterioration in the market outlook for the construction industry, which has widely affected companies in the industry and caused a significant reduction in the order backlog also at Koja. The aim is to find suitable measures for the Jalasjärvi factory for sufficient cost efficiency and a flexible solution for agile operations when the market recovers.

The six-week change negotiations will start on September 25, 2023.

Possible layoffs, part-time work and termination of employment are discussed in the negotiations. According to the preliminary estimate, the change negotiations may lead to part-time or full-time layoffs of Jalasjärvi personnel and the termination of employment of a maximum of 30 employees.

Further information:
Timo Sepponen, Factory Director, Koja Oy, Jalasjärvi
tel. +358 50 315 9762, timo.sepponen(at)


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