It is 1935. Cheerful laughter fills the workshop. There is metal dust in the air.

Construction superintendent Väinö Aalto and engineer Oskari J. Koivunen have combined their ideas, which has led to the establishment of Koja Ltd in Tampere. The small metal workshop first manufactured products needed in the construction industry, such as fittings, ventilation valves, metal parts for windows and other metal components.

After the first few years, Koja specialised in ventilation and industrial fans. Alongside engineering and equipment manufacturing, contract work became an important part of the operations. Koja stabilised its position as a metal industry enterprise in the 1970s, and the internationalisation of the operations began. Next, the field of operations expanded to the sea with the Marine business – many of the air conditioning systems of the world’s largest cruise ships are made by Koja.

The growth rate accelerated, and one factory was no longer enough

In the 1990s, in addition to the Tampere site, production was expanded to Jalasjärvi. Customers were offered increasingly extensive packages for the entire life cycle of products.

In 2015, Koja launched the largest investments in its history. The production lines of the Jalasjärvi plant were renewed. A modern fan factory and a world-class product development and testing centre were constructed in Tampere. Koja has developed from an equipment supplier to a fully- fledged business partner.

Today, Koja operates extensively in three business areas. Koja develops and supplies air handling solutions for buildings, air conditioning systems for ships and process fans for demanding industrial solutions.

Operations all over the world

Koja’s quality is ensured by the company’s own product development, engineering, production and expert services throughout the life cycle of the product. The operations have expanded from Tampere to all over the world. The best solutions are created locally in Finland, Sweden and the USA – along with the customers.

The strength of the Koja companies lies in the confidence of the family business in achieving its shared goal. Confidence has carried the enterprise a long way, and the Aalto family has owned Koja for nearly 90 years – and will for the next 100. Koja’s operations are being developed on a long-term basis with future generations in mind. We want to work for a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Today. Quality, customers and cooperation. Cheerful laughter still fills the premises – along with the Koja attitude. We make things happen.


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