Summer job experiences at the Jalasjärvi factory

Every year, Koja offers summer positions for many people. Most of these jobs are located at the Jalasjärvi factory, which concentrates on the production of air handling units and heat exchangers, i.e. coils. Among other tasks, the jobs may include edging, sheet cutting, panel and air handling unit assembly, electrical installation, or heat exchanger manufacture or packaging and dispatch. 

Read about the summer job experiences of Aki, Iisa, Paavo, Johanna and Eetu, and what they thought about their jobs and work tasks. They also gave us some good tips for future Koja employees!

Aki Pihlaja, 23

Assembly worker, small and large Future units
The work tasks include air handling unit assembly, which involves the installation of the frame, walls and air handling component inside the module.

Aki has worked at Koja in the summers since 2014. Working in a familiar place has been nice and easy, and the factory is also close to Aki’s childhood home. Over the years, his basic duties have remained the same, but as he has gained more experience, he has had the chance to work with a wider variety of machines. Aki has now completed two years of business studies at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, specialising in sales and marketing. In the future, he may well be interested in working in sales, interacting with people.

“I have enjoyed working at Koja, and it has been no monotonous routine. Koja has good teachers, and you get the hang of the work quite quickly. Despite this being factory work, it is fairly clean indoor work.

After the summer, Aki will continue his studies at the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

Iisa Tienhaara, 22

Assembly worker, module assembly
The work tasks include air handling unit assembly, which involves the installation of the frame, walls and air handling component inside the module.

Iisa has vocational education in the restaurant sector and first worked as a waiter. She had thought about embarking on a career in the metal sector already after finishing school but chose otherwise due the male-dominated nature of the sector. However, the restaurant sector was not her thing, and she applied for further education that would match her interests and enable more satisfactory jobs and a better pay. Iisa has now completed one year of studies in mechanical engineering at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, and the summer job at Koja provided her with the opportunity to gain practical experience in her field.

“This has been a good first job in the technical sector, and I’ve gained a lot of new experience. The work has been suitably challenging and varied; the modules we assemble always differ from one another.”

After the summer, Iisa will continue her engineering studies at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Paavo Mäenpää, 20

Assembly worker, sawmill
The work includes work tasks at the metal sawmill such as cutting module frame profiles and air handling unit base frames.

Paavo comes from Jalasjärvi, so he was already familiar with Koja before taking on a summer job in the company. Many of his friends have also worked at Koja before. His friends had said positive things about Koja as an employer, so he didn’t have to think twice about applying for a summer job there. Paavo has graduated from upper secondary school, after which he completed his compulsory military service. The summer job at Koja has provided him with the opportunity to plan further studies. In the future, he is especially interested in studying psychology. 

“Overall, I’ve felt safe working here, and I’ve learnt my work tasks quickly. My supervisor has been very open and nice. I’ve really enjoyed spending my summer here – the work is nice, and the days go quickly.”

After the summer, Paavo will continue to work at Koja and get ready for his studies.

Johanna Sillanpää, 27

Assembly worker, heat exhangers
The work tasks include brazing tasks related to heat exchangers (coils) using gas welding equipment.

Johanna has graduated as a special needs teaching assistant and has worked in a comprehensive school for a few years. For some time, she had had the idea of trying something different outside the school world in her mind. When the Jalasjärvi factory posted an ad about searching for summer workers, Johanna noticed it on a recruitment company’s Facebook page and, after a short hesitation, sent her application.

“I’ve got a good and positive image of Koja as an employer. They’ve welcomed me well, and my colleagues are really nice. I give 110 points to Koja for the onboarding! I was really nervous before I started work, but I received proper instruction, was allowed to take my time and didn’t have to hesitate about asking questions.”

After the summer, Johanna will continue to work at Koja as a permanent employee.

Eetu Jussila, 20

Assembly worker, heat exhangers
The work tasks include heat exchanger (coil) assembly, including coil frame welding and copper pipe installation according to the work instructions.

Eetu started working at Koja right after graduating from upper secondary school. Like many other people living in Jalasjärvi, he was already familiar with the name of the company. He first heard about the summer positions from his friends and also noticed a recruitment company’s post on Facebook. In the future, he plans studies in the forest sector, and it is a good idea to gain some work experience before that.

“I’ve enjoyed working at Koja. The people I work with are really nice, and I know a couple of them outside work too. The work tasks I’ve been assigned have suited me well. I hadn’t welded before, but here I have received training and learnt it. My onboarding went well.”

After the summer, Eetu will continue to work at Koja and get ready for his studies.  

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