New Future® H product range for air handling of buildings

Finnish, high-quality, actually tested at the factory, well-documented. Easy to design, install and deploy. Koja’s new product range Future® H is built on these value promises, much like Future® S, its little brother. Air handling units with vertical output, and electrical and automation equipment are now accompanied by a product range with horizontal output.

Saves space and energy

The product range includes four units of different sizes, covering an air flow range from 700 l/s to 3,600 l/s. The units are delivered in prefabricated blocks with electrical and automation equipment, and with a terminal block or the brand-new KojaControl controller. Only the mechanical connection of the blocks and the connection of the electrical and automation quick fittings need to be done on site.

"The range of units is based on the familiar Future® series, but the whole has been standardized in a new way. Like Future S, Future H has already been finalized and tested at the factory. The range offers the best features of Koja’s Future® air handling unit range in a compact size", says Antti Häyrynen, Head of R&D, Air Handling Units, Koja Oy. 

In the design process, the focus has been on the energy efficiency of units and the delivery in the form of blocks.

"The components for the units have been chosen with energy efficiency in mind, to minimize customers’ need for purchased energy. The technical performance of the unit is even better than what is required by current regulations", says Häyrynen.

New features have been included in the new range of units, such as KojaControl automation and Koja’s patented exhaust air heater. 

"KojaControl is a completely new air handling unit automation system implemented by Koja, including a 4G remote connection, comprehensive energy calculations and much more. The Future H range of units is also Koja’s first range in which the new integrated electric exhaust air heater replaces electrical preheating. The solution enables significant savings in both space and energy", says Häyrynen.

Ease of use through standardized solutions

The Future H range offers a solution for the needs of a wide range of buildings.

"Future H will continue along the path of Future S units. Future S has received good feedback from both contractors and designers. Contractors have liked the reasonably priced high-quality product, while designers have appreciated the easy-to-use selection program in particular, says Markku Eskola, Group Product Manager at Koja Oy. 

A tested machine delivered to the site speeds up operations on the construction site significantly, as the prefabricated unit is easy to install and deploy.

"Standardized solutions make life easier for many parties in the construction process. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel", Eskola points out.

The Future® H range is included in Koja’s selection program

The Future® H product range has been integrated into Koja’s user-friendly selection program alongside the Future S range. With the selection program, HVAC designers get dimensions, dimensional drawings, control diagrams and operational reports for the units easily and quickly. The revised program was published in early April and is freely available on Koja’s website.


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