Koja quality shines in Tampere Deck complex

The construction of the Tampere Deck complex has been a huge investment for the City of Tampere. The construction project has received extensive media coverage as it consists not only of the deck built above the railway line but also the buildings on top of it: Nokia Arena, the training rink, the Lapland Hotels Arena hotel, Casino Tampere, and the Topaasi and Kruunu residential and office buildings offering modern comfort.

Koja was involved in the project by supplying a large number of air handling units to a number of project sites. The units supplied included horizontal Future® units, upright Future® S units and HiFEK roof extractors. Chiller, part of the Koja Group, supplied Box, Studio, Grand and Giant fan coil units.

“This project has been a major effort not only for Tampere but also for Koja. It has been great to be involved in such a high-volume project involving several contractors and suppliers. Naturally, the minimum requirements for the projects were professional execution, quality machinery and, of course, an understanding of the client’s needs. Koja has a reputation as a reliable, local player that delivers cost-effective solutions, with a focus on security of supply. This has certainly played a role,” says Nina Rantapaju, Key Account Manager at Koja’s Tampere office.

”Koja has experience of orders that require a fast response time and rapid organisation”

The Tampere Deck complex was developed and built by SRV, and the company has chosen the contractors for the construction site. Each of the Tampere Deck sites has had a separate contract. Koja started working with the designer and SRV already in 2018, but the actual machinery deals with the contractors only came about after a competitive tendering process. Koja delivered the units in 2019–2021. In addition to SRV, Koja’s partners have included contractors specialising in HEPAC contracting and those designing and implementing building services solutions. Koja has extensive experience of the requirements of HEPAC contracting and building services engineering, and the related needs are taken into account comprehensively in both the machinery and deliveries.

“The first projects were Topaasi and Kruunu, for which the units were delivered almost immediately after the contract was signed. Of course, Koja has plenty of experience of orders that require a fast response time and rapid organisation. We are capable of getting down to business immediately and deliver efficiently and skilfully within the agreed timeframe,” says Rantapaju.

An interesting project and good cooperation

The Tampere Deck project is remembered at Koja as an interesting large-scale challenge, which the company tackled with enthusiasm and energy. Factors that made the project a success include sales and design work that addressed the client’s needs, a fast response and punctual deliveries, and, naturally, machinery known for its high quality.

“It’s been both a pleasure and an honour for Koja to be involved in such a large project. Cooperation with the contractors worked very well from start to finish. When everyone contributes 100%, the best possible results are achieved,” concludes Rantapaju.


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