Koja Industrial Solutions steps to South America

Koja Industrial Solutions has signed an agency agreement with the Brazilian company Aracati Ltda, represented by Lucio Silva, who has a long experience in industry and fan manufacturing. Aracati Ltda will act as the local representative for Koja in the South American region, offering international customers the first service contact and local knowledge combined with Koja's solid technical know-how.

The agency supports the growth of industrial operations in the South American region. One of the world's largest centrals of the pulp and paper industry and the mining industry is located in the region of Chile, Uruguay and Brazil, with a considerable number of Koja industrial fans. The cooperation combines fast and smooth service with local knowledge and Koja's special expertise from Finland.

"The cooperation enables a more efficient supply-delivery chain in the South American region. We can better serve our industrial customers both in terms of traditional service operations and wider life cycle upgrades. The focus is on reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and increasing safety and operational reliability in customer processes", says Pasi Lähteinen, Business Director of Koja Industrial Solutions.


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