Koja and Flowplus start extensive cooperation on fan inspections, modernization, maintenance and installation

Koja Industrial Solutions and Flowplus have entered into an agreement on cooperation concerning industrial fan inspection, maintenance, modernization and installation operations. The partnership combines Koja’s strong technical expertise and experience related to fans with Flowplus’s expertise in measurement technologies and its extensive network of locations. The common goal is to improve processes and availability for industrial customers through systematic life cycle management. This also improves safety and energy efficiency. 

Cooperation based on strengths

Koja has a history of nearly 90 years in the manufacture and development of demanding industrial fans. Its extensive expertise in fan dimensioning, technical expertise and life cycle updates and improvements, as well as the optimization of energy efficiency, are well-represented in Finland and internationally.

In ten years, Flowplus has developed into one of Finland’s most multifaceted and largest operators in flow technologies. Its services cover a wide range of valves, pumps and electrical machines, as well as the manufacture of spare parts in workshops. Flowplus serves customers in industry and water supply extensively.

The cooperation between Koja and Flowplus focuses on inspections, updates, maintenance and installation related to their existing and new customers’ fans, building on each company’s strengths. In selected areas, the two companies serve customers as partners.

Flowplus enhances measurements, Koja supports projects

For customers, the cooperation means a more efficient operating model. With the help of services provided by a reliable partner, Koja can focus on its special expertise in improving customers’ processes.  

“Our cooperation enables Koja to focus on solving process problems related to customers’ fans and improving availability and energy efficiency through our areas of strength. For Koja, Flowplus is a strong partner for mechanical work, and it also enables a very streamlined approach to the condition monitoring measurements of fans. With the new cooperation model, we can make data-based decisions with our customers and provide an ultramodern and highly efficient service supply chain for the process industry,” says Vesa Aalto, Business Area Manager at Koja Industrial Solutions.

Through the partnership, Flowplus strengthens its ability to serve customers more comprehensively in terms of fan measurement, maintenance and installation.

“By combining Koja’s high-quality products and engineering expertise with Flowplus’s extensive service network and expertise in life cycle management, we can work together to offer a new and attractive portfolio and create added value for customers. We are looking forward to our cooperation,” says Petteri Särkiniemi, CEO of Flowplus.

For further information:

Vesa Aalto, Business Area Manager, Koja Oy, Industrial Solutions, Service
+358 40 767 7763,

Petteri Särkiniemi, CEO, Flowplus Oy
+358 50 467 0320,

Koja Oy is a Finnish family-owned company with a history of nearly 90 years. It is a global provider of smart and energy-efficient air handling solutions and industrial fan solutions. With decades of experience, expertise and innovative technology, Koja helps its customers achieve their energy-efficiency and environmental goals. The high-quality fans and air solutions provided by Industrial Solutions operate reliably in demanding production processes and applications.

Flowplus Oy was founded in 2012, but the roots of its expertise date back decades further. The company has grown through acquisitions over the years, and its professional expertise arises from the history of these traditional companies. The current company has been formed as the result of more than ten acquisitions. Today, Flowplus provides its customers with a comprehensive service network and multifaceted professional expertise for industry and water supply across Finland.


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