Update 3/2024: The liquidation process of business assets in Russia has been completed in early 2024.


Koja has started the liquidation of business assets in Russia

Koja stopped all operations in Russia immediately after the Russian attack on Ukraine. In addition, Koja’s board of directors decided that new direct or indirect tender and sales projects to Russia will no longer be carried out.

Koja’s board of directors has decided to withdraw the company from Russia. Operations have covered the sale of industrial process fans and air handling units for buildings. Due to the war in Ukraine and the subsequent tightening of sanctions, Koja is not in a position to operate in a sustainable manner in Russia. The company has started preparations for liquidation and the process is carried out taking into account local personnel, customers and legislation.

Koja OOO, a subsidiary of Koja Oy, has been operating in Russia since 2015. The Russian businesses have contributed a very small share of the total turnover of Koja. In spring 2022, Koja OOO had a total of 5 employees in Russia, working in sales and project management. Koja OOO has no production in Russia.


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