Koja Group Showcased at the Spring Seminar of the Finnish Association for Family Businesses

“Skilled Team, Strong Family Business” was the theme for the spring seminar organized by Perheyritysten liitto, an association for family businesses, in which Koja Group had the pleasure of participating. Vesa Aalto, Business Director of the Marine division, and Pinja Aalto, a member of the next generation, took the stage as representatives of Koja Group in the impressive setting of Nokia Arena.

At the spring seminar, the focus was on the importance of ownership expertise and an effective team for the growth and continuity of a family business. Koja Group was featured as a case company, exemplifying the owners' long-term commitment to family entrepreneurship. Among the speakers were some of the world's leading family business researchers, Alfredo De Massis and Emanuela Rondi, the founder of Gofore Plc, Timur Kärki, and the legendary Tampere hockey player Timo "Juti" Jutila. The seminar was hosted by Aleksi Arpiainen, CEO of the Tampere-based company TT Gaskets.

Vesa Aalto presented an overview of Koja, highlighting the company's history, core values, and unique aspects that contribute to its success. He emphasized the company’s long-term strategy and the owner family's unwavering commitment to maintaining Koja Group as a family business for the next 100 years. Vesa has versatile roles in the Koja Group. He manages the Marine business area as a Business Director, in addition to being a shareholder and board member of the family business.

Pinja Aalto spoke about the role of family events in fostering unity and engagement among Koja's family members. She shared the importance of the owner family's joint events and the Next program, designed to introduce and engage younger generations with the company from an early age. Pinja represents the fifth generation and has become an active “Next” member. She is a first-year student at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, studying international business.

Events like this seminar are a natural way to showcase the company's commitment to innovation, family values, and strategic growth, as well as provide valuable insights into sustaining and advancing a family-owned business.


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