Certified to use energy more sustainably

Koja has been awarded ISO 50001 energy management system certificate. DNV’s certification supports Koja’s operations in being a reliable partner for a more sustainable tomorrow. Efficient energy use is not only responsible: it is also the most important way of combating climate change.

The energy management certification is a clear continuation of Koja’s goals, which are based on the company’s strategy. Koja’s ownership strategy sets a cleaner and healthier environment and a smaller carbon footprint as part of the company’s mission. The company aims to develop operations and solutions that support sustainable development.  

Identifying significant energy use is key

Koja has examined its energy management through the certification process and identified significant energy use. The company has created an operating model for monitoring and continuously improving its energy use.

Matti Huvinen, Koja Oy’s marketing manager for Air Handling Solutions for Buildings, has been closely involved in examining the company’s energy management. Good energy management can result in both environmental and financial savings.

– Now that we have identified the significant energy use, we have to think about energy management and alternative energy sources next. In addition, we need to increase energy measurements in both building maintenance and production. By measuring more, we look for more savings and increase our understanding by digging deeper into the “streams” that make up energy use as a whole, says Huvinen.

– Energy savings are directly related to environmental pollution, and decreasing it will not take anything away from anyone; on the contrary, it can have many positive effects.

Management system steers towards continuous improvement

Koja’s management system has already been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certificates in the past, which cover quality, environmental, health and safety certifications. In addition, welding activities are certified according to ISO 3834-2. 

The ISO 50001 certificate complements the whole system with energy management. The management system has been refined to include details that account for the requirements for determining, managing, and improving energy efficiency.

– We have already been systematically working on improving operations for a long time, and being awarded the certificate is a great indicator that our development work has been successful. The certificates show our partners that they can trust our operations to really be at the level that the standards require without any separate clarifications, says Johanna Kärki, Koja Oy’s director of quality and development.

– Above all, from the company’s perspective, the operating models we created per the standards are an integral part of our management system. In this way, they steer our operations and support a culture of continuous improvement.


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