Koja's factory expansion in Jalasjärvi has progressed on schedule

Significant investments will be made in Koja’s operations in Jalasjärvi, Finland, including a new factory building, as well as investments worth several million euros in machinery, equipment and production automation.

In the timelapse video, you can follow the new factory extension being built in Jalasjärvi with ViiSaa Oy as the builder. The video follows the construction from September 2022 until August 2023. 

Koja's production in Jalasjärvi began in 1998. Over the past 25 years, the Jalasjärvi factory has developed into a significant part of Koja’s operations, focusing on production of ventilation units and heat exchangers for ships and buildings. Today, the factory has more than 200 employees.

Koja’s heat exchanger production will be moved to the new factory, and the current facilities will continue to produce air handling units. In accordance with Koja’s growth strategy, the production volume in Jalasjärvi will increase by 20–30% from this year’s level by 2025. Through these development actions, we will be able to enhance our operations and thus better respond to our customers’ needs.


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