Excellent results through cooperation and customised products

Koja focuses not only on developing high-quality products and services, but also on close and fruitful cooperation with its partners. The cooperation between Koja and Kakola Yhtiöt is a prime example of smooth-running partnerships. Their joint project involves the renovation of the culturally and historically significant Kakola area in Turku.

“I’ve been installing Koja machines since the 1990s, but the Kakola project was our first actual collaboration. The site was densely built, which caused trouble, but we overcame the challenges, thanks to our close cooperation and shared ambition,” says Petteri Lausmäki, owner of the Rakennuspalvelu Lausmäki construction service company and the supervisor in charge of the Kakola construction project.

“I still remember my thoughts when I was driving back to the office after my first site visit. I was sceptical: would we manage? The project became a long one, and there were many work phases and surprising situations. However, we managed everything successfully with Petteri, usually with the help of a shared sense of humour. It’s been an honour to participate in creating a new chapter in the story of Kakola,” says Joseph Hollingworth, Area Sales Manager at Koja.

“Strong overall expertise based on a long history”

Timely purchases play a key role in renovation projects. Meetings and joint planning sessions with suppliers are part of day-to-day operations in construction. According to Lausmäki, it is extremely important that suppliers’ contact people do not change along the way, and that the suppliers commit to project implementation in cooperation with the builders. When the number of deliveries is high, product errors and complaints cannot always be avoided. However, with Koja, they have been non-existent.

“We chose Koja as our partner, because we appreciate the high quality and Finnish origin of the products and services, as well as the customisation. In this Kakola project, I’ve particularly appreciated the compact size, reasonable weight and easy movability of Koja’s Future® air handling units. The units are also very quiet and exactly as powerful as promised. Koja is a prime example of how a long history brings strong overall expertise,” says Lausmäki.

Customisable products of Finnish origin

In the Kakola project, the greatest challenges were related to densely built facilities. The work required a large number of measurements and close cooperation between Koja and Rakennuspalvelu Lausmäki. Koja’s strengths in the project included customisable equipment of Finnish origin.

“The purchased components also have a high level of Finnish origin. When we manufacture as many machine parts as possible using Finnish components, it’s easier for us to provide answers to any questions that may arise. Project-specific special features are also easier to implement when the machines can be customised as needed,” says Hollingworth. 

“Although our Jalasjärvi factory has grown larger and more efficient over the last ten years, its employees continue to be absolutely proud of their craft, and they’re always willing to accommodate special requests. This is one of the reasons we’re highly valued in our industry.”

Good customer service means being interested in the customer’s needs

Hollingworth’s job includes responding to offers, supporting engineers in preliminary planning and helping customers with projects. He believes that a good sales professional doesn’t only focus on the moment of sale. They are also thoroughly familiar with the qualities of the product throughout its life cycle. In other words, a highly competent sales professional must also consider the maintenance and installation of the product to be sold. 

“I would say that good customer service leaves the customer feeling that the company cares about them and is genuinely interested in their needs. Deals are not closed with quick rewards in mind. The customer’s needs are considered to provide them with solutions that are genuinely based on their requirements,” Lausmäki adds.

“No one can build the world alone”

The Kakola area renovation project was completed successfully through good cooperation and mutual persistence and flexibility. Both parties are pleased with the cooperation and its outcome. 

“With Koja, the project has stayed on schedule at all times, and the logistics arrangements in particular deserve a special mention. Before each delivery, Koja checked to ensure the site was ready for the goods. The unloading site was also discussed in advance, as well as the types of vehicles that could enter the construction site. This is a crucial part of the delivery process, especially in a built-up environment with limited storage and unloading space,” Lausmäki points out.

“Our cooperation was efficient and well organised. We regularly discussed the next steps by phone and email, and we also always checked them together on site. Our local approach was evident here – I’m quite sure that the customer also liked the fact that I was able to visit the site at short notice,” says Hollingworth.

Lausmäki points out that all parties benefit from highlighting completed cooperation projects in the form of case articles and references. Documentation enables development and learning.

“I believe that various types of cases should be highlighted boldly and diversely. We must keep in mind that no one can build the world alone. We can always learn from each other. Projects and their progress should therefore be reported and explained.”

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