Koja to invest in production in Jalasjärvi, Finland

Significant investments will be made in Koja’s operations in Jalasjärvi, Finland, including a new factory building, as well as investments worth several million euros in machinery, equipment and production automation. Koja’s heat exchanger production will be moved to the new factory, and the current facilities will continue to produce air handling units. In accordance with Koja’s growth strategy, the production volume in Jalasjärvi will increase by 20–30% from this year’s level by 2025. 

A new factory for heat exchanger production and improvements in the production of air handling equipment

Increased demand and growth targets mean an increased need for facilities, capacity and automation. The manufacturing capacity for heat exchangers will be increased by building a new factory in the immediate vicinity of the current factory. The construction project is connected to a €10 million investment programme for machinery and equipment, of which €5 million will be implemented in the first phase.

“As the heat exchanger production moves to a new location, space is freed in the current factory for the assembly of air handling units. At the same time, there will be an opportunity to increase automation and upgrade certain production machines with newer models. Through these development actions, we will be able to enhance our operations and thus better respond to our customers’ needs”, says Timo Sepponen, director of the Jalasjärvi factory.

The new factory is scheduled to be completed at Lekatie by the end of 2023, and it will contain 5,300 m2 of production space, 700 m2 of storage space and 1,000 m2 of office space. The property project will be implemented by experienced operators from Kurikka, Finland, according to the needs defined by Koja. Local expertise and subcontractors will be used in the project as far as possible. The air handling solutions will be based on Koja’s own products and the products of Chiller Oy, which is part of the Koja Group. Koja will rent the constructed facilities under a long-term rental agreement.

Responsible development

In the new building, the use of renewable forms of energy plays a central role starting from the construction phase. Responsibility has also been taken into account in terms of the personnel’s comfort. Sufficiently spacious, cooled production and break rooms, an emergency shelter, cooled office facilities, a gym and the possibility to charge electric vehicles have been included in the planning of the new facilities.

“Koja produces solutions that enable our customers to reach their own sustainability goals. With this construction project, we will also be able to considerably improve energy use in our own production and develop the sustainability of our operations”, Sepponen says.

The investments result in new jobs in Jalasjärvi

The flexibility of production, the employees’ level of skills and the positive development of business operations have made the Jalasjärvi factory a cornerstone of Koja’s success over the years. There is strong faith in the future outlook. 

“The project will create new jobs in Jalasjärvi and the neighbouring municipalities already in the construction phase, and the investments will also be reflected in increased need for personnel in Koja’s production. In connection with these investments, we will recruit 15–20 people”, Sepponen says. 

The personnel’s commitment and motivation have been very important for the progress of the planning work carried out so far.

“Our personnel deserve the highest appreciation for their valuable contribution. The Koja team has done an excellent job! The best result is accomplished by combining strategic planning and the competences and experience of the people who actually carry out the work”, Sepponen says.

Additional information: 
Timo Sepponen, Factory Director, Koja Ltd’s Jalasjärvi factory
tel. +358 50 315 9762,

KOJA Ltd is part of Koja Group, an 90-year-old family-owned business. Koja Ltd offers smart and energy-efficient air handling solutions for its customers’ buildings and ships, as well as industrial fan solutions. Koja’s innovations and air handling solutions create cleaner and healthier conditions while reducing carbon footprint.

The turnover of Koja Ltd in 2021 was €71 million. The company has some 350 employees. Koja Ltd has offices in Finland and Sweden, and its subsidiary Koja USA Inc. in the United States.

Koja’s production of air handling units and heat exchangers delivered to ships and buildings has been centralised in the Jalasjärvi factory. The factory employs some 200 people. The Jalasjärvi entrepreneurs’ association selected Koja Ltd as the Enterprise of the Year in Jalasjärvi in 2021.


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