Koja R&D center
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Koja’s R&D Center is a product development and testing centre with comprehensive testing methods for all of Koja’s product groups. Koja’s air handling equipment and systems are now tested in actual operating conditions. Component characteristics are already tested during the product development stage, in increasingly demanding projects.

Thanks to the information obtained through testing, the operation of equipment and systems is optimal for our customers throughout the life cycle – in buildings, in industry and on ships alike.

Tested choices for the benefit of the customer

  • Verified performance data from an early stage of product development
  • Component characteristics are tested in actual operating conditions
  • Successful product development and testing projects on a short schedule
  • Enhanced processes minimise energy consumption for customers 
  • Intelligent, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions

Optimised heat exchangers from Koja’s own factory

Koja’s core components include cooling, heating and heat recovery coils developed by Koja and manufactured at Koja’s Jalasjärvi factory. The efficient product development of heat exchangers, optimisation for the needs of customer projects and precise forecasting of life cycle costs require a large amount of measurement data.

  • Performance tests according to EN 1216
  • Cooling and heating coil tests up to 150 kW
  • Maximum size 1,200 mm x 1,200 mm
  • Air flow range 0.5 m3/s – 5 m3/s

Irreplaceable information from climate rooms

Three reverberation and climate rooms specifically designed for testing ventilation equipment have been constructed both for testing air handling and cooling equipment according to product standards and for long-term testing of the equipment under actual operating conditions. For testing, desired, stable test conditions are created in each test room.

Even the most stringent requirements are not a problem when products are tested under actual operating conditions starting from the first product development prototypes.

  • Capacity: air flow 0–2 m3/s, cooling and heating power up to 20 kW
  • Performance values and operating tests according to product standards (EN 1397, EN 308, etc.)
  • Aerodynamic and acoustic measurements, sound power levels (ISO 3741)

A lot of measurement data also for large machines

There is a separate measurement arrangement in place for testing large, complete air handling units. The testing conditions desired in each case can be created regardless of the season and range between tropical (+32°C/90%RH) and arctic conditions.

Different measurements are implemented both in accordance with product standards and as long-term tests under actual operating conditions. First-class optimisation of components and the whole system, as well as the precise management of life cycle calculations, require a lot of measurement data.

  • Capability to test the performance of an entire air handling unit or components up to 8 m3/s
  • Cooling power up to 250 kW and heating power up to 150 kW
  • Performance tests according to EN 13053, EN 308 and ISO 5801
  • Acoustic measurements according to ISO 5136 and ISO 3744

Guaranteed operation of data centre cooling

The R&D Center also includes a unique test data centre cooled with outside air and equipped with an energy recovery solution, ensuring the development work for energy-efficient and reliable data centre cooling in the future as well.

Koja offers the customer first-class solutions for the management of air conditions and cooling for laboratory conditions requiring special precision and data centres that demand absolute reliability.

  • Low PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) direct air free cooling solutions
  • Automation control testing for temperature and humidity control
  • Tests according to the ASHRAE 2015 thermal guidelines

R&D center in a nutshell

  1. Testing is carried out according to product standards in controlled conditions in our own laboratory.
  2. Air handling equipment and systems are tested in actual operating conditions already during the development stage.
  3. Energy consumption is minimised with the aid of increasingly precise consumption forecasts.
  4. Automated systems can be tested comprehensively.
  5. The Center has the only test data room in Finland cooled with outside air and with an energy recovery solution for energy-efficient and reliable data centre cooling.

Cleaner air, caring for nature

  • The product development and testing centre has 1,711 m2 of floor area in use.
  • There are three climate and reverberation rooms, each of them 30 m2 in size.
  • The outside height of the hall is about 10 m.
  • 20 million euros have been invested in production and product development.


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