Koja invests in Finnish production and expertise.

Flexible and reliable deliveries from two factories

Two of the four Koja Group sites in Finland feature the company’s own production. The sheet metal production in Jalasjärvi, which has been expanded twice and undergone a total overhaul, focuses on the production and development of air handling units for buildings and ships according to customer requirements. In Tampere, industrial process fans are manufactured in one of the world’s most modern factories. The operations are based on the company’s own product development and design and testing activities specific to each customer order.

A world-class modern fan factory

The largest investments in Koja’s history strengthen the company’s position on the global fan market. The new Tampere factory’s robotic solutions, automation and equipment increase productivity and the flexibility of service. Energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and occupational safety have been particularly taken into account in product design and the selection of production methods. Fast production lead times and state-of-the-art technology are combined with skilled and flexible service.

Continuously improved service

  1. A modern fan factory with even greater output
  2. Shorter production lead times and quality development according to LEAN principles
  3. Welding has been automated to a far greater extent than before
  4. Larger and larger fans are manufactured for increasingly demanding energy production and industrial applications
  5. A safe and pleasant working environment for highly skilled professionals

State-of-the-art technology benefits the customer

The fan manufacturing concentrates on Koja’s core competence: the management of strategic parts and systems. Strong steel is processed, and welded structures are manufactured in Tampere. Plasma cutting and welding robot stations represent the most modern technology and quality. The most important equipment investments have been made in sheet metal cutting, surface treatment, welding, welding automation and balancing. In the design of our workstations, occupational safety and work ergonomics play a central role, including noise suppression, piece handling and intelligent crane solutions.

  • The total floor area of the factory is approximately one hectare (10,000 m2).
  • The largest fans weigh 40 tons.
  • The diameter of the largest impellers is four metres, and their power is 4,000 kW.

Finnish expertise at its best

The Jalasjärvi factory represents a highly significant centre of competence in its field in sheet metal production and air handling units for buildings and ships. Large investments in production lines enable energy-efficient manufacturing with reliable production techniques. A short lead time is visible to customers in flexibility and delivery reliability. The constant production flow also increases the famous quality of Koja’s operations.

Production controlled according to customer needs

  1. Flexible production enables air handling units to be manufactured within a few hours.
  2. Easily managed and forecasted production provides flexibility for our customers.
  3. Our own production of heat exchangers enables deliveries for different customer needs.
  4. Deliveries of machinery equipped with electric automation from the factory to both construction and shipping industry customers.
  5. LEAN skills make production more efficient – we implement continuous improvements.
  6. Work ergonomics and occupational safety are top priorities, implemented in a comfortable work environment.

International references from Kurikka

Air conditioning systems for both large properties and the world’s largest cruise ships are created in Jalasjärvi, starting from cabin automation. Servo-driven production machinery significantly reduces electricity consumption. Punching machines, bending machines and trimming presses have been connected to the FMS warehouse system.

Koja’s products are energy-efficient, and sustainability is also implemented in the company’s own production. Sensible investments improve competitiveness and guarantee that our production will remain in Finland in the future as well – together with flexible service close to the customer.


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