We take care of millions of cubic meters of air and carry out the best indoor conditions on ships, saving you energy!


Koja has created a significant concept to help customers better understand their HVAC system’s energy consumption and overall condition. Customers save money and energy by trusting Koja’s professionals who perform a deep analysis of their systems together with necessary onboard measurements.

Dry dock surveys

Proactive plan for upcoming dry docks:

  • Preparations with existing documentations
  • Visit onboard and needed measurements
  • Deep understanding of the system condition (traffic light principal), categories to show the system condition and development steps
  • Real measurements to ensure the right analysis
  • Investment and energy saving calculations

Life cycle surveys for existing systems

Full overview to the existing system condition:

  • Koja experts will inspect and give customers a complete overview of the ship’s HVAC system lifecycle status, including mechanical conditions and energy saving opportunities based on the ship “as built” material, visual inspections and measured performances on board

Energy saving studies for existing systems

Huge opportunity to save energy and money:

  • Koja experts will study, calculate and give the customer a complete overview of the ship’s HVAC system energy saving potential, including system mechanical conditions, control efficiency and energy saving opportunities based on existing documentation, a ship visit and measured performances on board

Control philosophy studies

Deep analysis of current control principals:

  • New philosophy proposals and improvements to secure better system functionality
  • Estimation of energy saving and investment costs
  • Better individual control of air conditioning


Koja has solid experience of modifications carried out in connection energy efficiency projects, capacity upgrades and facility alterations. Depending on the customer's needs, Koja's modernization solution may consist of minor upgrades, several modernization phases, or the renewal of the complete system. We offer our customers an appropriate complete upgrading solution for cooling and ventilation. We will manage the project from the initial survey to the commissioning of the system.

We deliver our promises and make good indoor conditions happen.

Spare parts

Koja's warehouses in the United States and Finland are able to supply a high number of HVAC spare parts and ensure optimal delivery distance according to location of the customer’s ship:

• General spare parts
• Contractual spare parts
• Customer specified spare parts

Our internal product development and manufacturing operations as well as our technologically solid partners guarantee high-quality spare parts for your HVAC needs.

Koja’s spare part solutions save you money, time and energy.


Energy and system condition measurements.

We offer a professional analysis according to agreed cycles and action proposals for energy saving and a better control of air conditioning. The Koja custom made measurement system can be intergraded to the customer’s existing system.

Intelligent system and concept to ensure:

  • System smooth operation
  • Proactive troubleshooting
  • Maximal energy saving of each condition

Onboard measurement using Koja Energy Doctor:

  • Movable measurement system
  • Quick troubleshoot or verification of energy consumption


Koja experts are here to help.



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