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Koja USA Inc.


Spare parts

Koja's warehouses in the United States and Finland are able to supply a high number of HVAC spare parts, even for other manufacturers' equipment.

Our internal product development and manufacturing operations as well as our technologically solid partners guarantee high-quality spare parts for your HVAC needs.


Koja has solid experience of modifications carried out in connection energy efficiency projects, capacity upgrades and facility alterations.

Depending on the customer's needs, Koja's modernization solution may consist of minor repair, several modernization phases or the renewal of the complete system.

We offer our customers an appropriate complete upgrading solution for cooling and ventilation. We will manage the project from the initial survey to the commissioning of the system.

Energy effiency surveys and control developing

An air conditioning or cooling lifecycle survey performed by Koja will help you determine when and how your equipment should be modernized. The survey includes an assessment of the reliability, energy efficiency and safety of the equipment.

Koja has carried out several condition inspection and energy projects that have resulted in better working and operating environments, savings in energy costs and improved eco-efficiency and sustainability of operations. The projects have helped customers to understand their HVAC systems condition and to reduce their energy consumption in accordance with their targets.