Ovation of the Seas

Vessel information

  • Lenght 347 m, max. width 41 m, weight 168 666 gross tonnages
  • Decks 18, cabins 2090
  • Passengers 4905, crew 1300
  • Shipowner: Royal Caribbean International
  • Shipyard: Meyer Werft GmbH, Papenburg, Germany
  • Koja´s part: the air conditioning system design and equipment delivery
  • Delivery time: spring 2016
  • Sister ships: Quantum of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas  

Koja solutions in the Ovation of the Seas

Parachute jumping, surfing, breath-taking sceneries at 92 meters in the North Star, cocktails served by robot bartenders in the Bionic Bar. These and much more can be experienced aboard the Ovation of the Seas, the latest addition to the Quantum series of luxury cruisers. The Ovation of the Seas utilises the latest technologies and solutions adaptable to marine environment, which is why it is also known as a smart ship.

Meyer Werft commissioned Koja to engineer the vessel's air conditioning systems, create the ship's AC room system diagrams and supply the air conditioning equipment. Koja's system delivery included air conditioning machines, area fan coils, technical fan coils, cabin fan coils and cabin automation. Our product development effort focuses on creating cost- and energy-efficient solutions, which enable the ecological carbon footprint of the vessels to be reduced considerably.

Ovation of the Seas: Third delivery in the luxury cruiser series goes to Koja

The Ovation of the Seas was launched in spring 2016, and currently serves as a luxury cruiser in Singapore. The owner of the ship, the Royal Caribbean cruise company, expects the vessel to increase cruise traffic in the region by approximately 42,000 cruise passengers, while simultaneously contributing positively to the future of the luxury cruiser industry in the region.

Koja supplied the air conditioning systems also to the two sister ships built earlier, the Quantum of the Seas and the Anthem of the Seas. Ships develop, and so do we. We build air conditioning solutions around the world with more than 80 years of experience – from product development to installation and training. We are always in the frontline of technical development to fulfil the needs of our customers.

And that’s not all...

The Ovation of the Seas incorporates local culture in its service offering in the form of Chinese restaurants, Chinese art and the ethnography of the region. You can also enjoy an exhibition of the historical remnants of the Forbidden City guided by experts (RCI Press Center) aboard the ship.

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