Air handling units (AHU)

Air handling units are designed according to their use. Koja delivers AHUs for cabin, public and service areas.

Future Marine air handling units

Future Marine air handling unit offers the answer for increasing requirements set by the marine market and authorities. This high-quality industrial product is the result of carefully worked-out design, consistent quality assurance and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

The most important feature of Future Marine is that it is suitable for practically any imaginable air handling purpose. The wide Future Marine selection includes an unit with a suitable size, flow rate capacity, different material and component combination for every application. The Future Marine air handling units are also available fully equipped, with the air handling unit including all necessary electric installations and automation.

The air flow rates of the Future Marine air handling units range from 0.32 m3/s up to 15.6 m3/s. Carefully selected components, incomparable mechanical, thermal and flow properties, conformity with the design and tightness requirements of CEN standards are a guarantee that Future Marine comes up even to the highest shipowner expectations.

Recovery section

Extremely efficient humidity and heat transfer without harmful VOC transfer.

Fan section

The best and the most energy-efficient fans and motors from industry’s leading manufacturer. The optimal choice is a combination of life cycle costs, maximization of total fan efficiency and minimization of noise levels.


High-tech coils – developed and manufactured by Koja, ensures that they are optimizely calculated and selected on every air handling unit.