Condition inspections and improvements

Marine and Buildings

Koja has carried out several condition inspection and energy projects that have resulted in better working and operating environments, savings in energy costs and improved eco-efficiency and sustainability of operations. The projects have helped customers to comply with the increasing environmental regulations and to reduce their energy consumption in accordance with their targets.


Timely recognition of maintenance needs and the appropriate planning of measures require expertise. Successful preventive maintenance planning means systematic management with attention to the life-cycle planning of the process and the prediction of repair needs.

The condition inspection of the fans allows prediction of their overall condition trend and future maintenance needs. Potential load factors of each fan are assessed and used as the basis of estimating the probable maintenance measures required over the short and the long term. Condition surveys are carried out with the aim of steering maintenance measures in order to avoid unscheduled shutdowns and to know which spare parts should be ordered. This will improve the efficiency of operation and the customer's profit.

Fan maintenance must always be performed professionally and in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to ensure safety and continuing availability of the systems.