The Story of Koja


Koja Ltd. was established in Tampere. The company began to manufacture products needed in the building trade, such as fittings, ventilation valves and window fasteners. In 1939, Koja's new industrial hall of 1000 m² was ready to move in but the war finished the works. After the war, the production slowly recovered and there was keen demand for the products of metal industry. During the World War II the main part of the production went to the Finnish Army.


The reconstruction after the war created keen demand for Koja's products. The first air handling unit models were designed and the manufacturing began, e.g. Air Heater HPV, dust collecting fan RFE. The first air conditioning contracts were closed and the contracting activities led to the creation of a separate department. The little metal workshop had grown to the air conditioning company.


Koja grew and developed during the decade. The production premises were twice enlarged. The production was made more effective and the quality was improved. The air conditioning contracting was developed, the share of the total turnover was even 85%, one of the most significant projects was the indoor ice-skating rink in Tampere. The present production plant in Tampere was built in 1969.


The present head office was built in the beginning of the decade and all the activities were moved to Rantaperkiö, Tampere. The share of equipment sales began to grow and the process fans department was founded. Project exports to Soviet Union began.


New products were launched, e.g. Air Handling Unit Series Heli and Roof Extractor FEK. Project exports carried out several large air conditioning projects in Soviet Union. The contracting activities was made into a separate company, Koja Ilmastointi Oy (Koja Air-conditioning).


The turnover of Koja Group stood at EUR 33.6 million. Kojacool Oy started operations. Koja Ltd. started to produce coil heat-exchangers and a new production plant was built at Jalasjärvi. Koja Ilmastointi Oy started to do business under the name Koja Engineering Ltd. and extended operations to include all building technology contract work: heating, plumbing, air-conditioning, electricity, telecommunications, automation and cooling. Koja Marine won the first air-conditioning system order for a cruise ship.


The production plant at Jalasjärvi was extended twice and the production plant in Tampere was modernized. Koja Marine supplied air-conditioning systems for several cruise ships. Koja Group decided to concentrate on the industrial manufacturing and sold the shares of Koja Engineering Ltd. and Mansen Putki Oy, the building technologies contractor companies.


Koja settled its position from the deliver of devices to the bringer of energy and cost-effective solutions. Life Cycle Services diverged on their own sector, the side of marine, buildings and industry. Services' selection has extended crucially. It includes all maintenance operations throughout the whole life cycle of a product.


Family business is celebrating its successful journey as reliable and brave cooperation partner. Koja is starting the biggest investment programme in its history. Koja OOO is established in Russia and Life Cycle Services strengthens its operations by founding a service center in Florida.