Koja Ltd. operations policy

Koja Ltd. is a responsible family-owned company that develops and manufactures high-quality, energy-efficient air handling solutions.

We want to ensure continued business operations and profitable growth. As a company, our target is to be progressive. We want to be known for our ability and our desire to handle quality, security and environmental issues connected to our products and services. The company management sets the targets and monitors how they are achieved and whether resources are sufficient. Our decisions and operations are based on these goals. Staff competence plays a crucial role in implementing our targets.

We aim to continuously minimise the load on the environment and take energy efficiency into account globally in all our operations. We want to meet customers' expectations, now and in the future. Therefore, we continually develop our products and services considering their environmental impact throughout their life cycle. We want to maintain our customer relationships and ensure our service capability, and continuously develop our competitiveness and the competence of our personnel.

In all our operations, we follow society's obligations and requirements.

We communicate openly with our stakeholders. When collaborating with stakeholders, we expect them to follow and support our quality, security and environmental requirements to support our targets.

Koja must be a safe and ergonomic work place. Taking security issues into consideration at all times and training personnel are crucial parts of our management system. We want to offer a safe and pleasant working environment for our staff and our cooperation partners.

Every employee in our company participates in the implementation of this operations policy. This operations policy has been approved by the management of Koja Ltd, and it has been communicated to the whole staff of the company.

Koja Code Of Conduct (pdf)