Well-being, productivity and healthiness are key words when talking about air handling.
All our users on all sites deserve good-quality indoor air.

In order to be functional, an air handling solution needs to be suitable for the site and must meet its requirements. Koja’s equipment is optimised and pre-fitted, which makes the construction stage faster. You will also get all life cycle services from a single supplier, from commissioning and maintenance to spare parts and guarantee processing. Koja handles ventilation of all facilities.

Hotels and restaurants

When the conditions are good, people will stay longer. Fresh air, a suitable temperature and a good cooling system are essential in a hotel or restaurant – sleeping and eating are basic needs. Koja provides high- quality indoor air without wasting energy or making noise. The equipment is adjustable to match the degree of utilisation. By investing in Koja’s solutions, you can also gain environmental certificates that will raise the value of the property.

Gymnasiums and event facilities

With many people gathered in the same place, oxygen will be needed. The air needs to be clean, high- quality and well-ventilated, especially when people are moving around. Koja’s solutions are suitable for facilities of different sizes, with greatly varying usages. Optimal dimensioning and adjustability create the right circumstances for different sites. A long life cycle and easy maintainability also maintain the property's value.

Blocks of flats

When constructing or renovating a block of flats, hassle free systems will save money and speed up the work site processes. The property's value can be maintained or it can be increased by gaining an environmental certificate, for example. When a professional builds the system, there is no need to worry about the quality of indoor air in each apartment. Koja’s reliable and easy to use and maintain equipment also improves the energy efficiency of renovations.

Data centres

Koja offers the customer first-class solutions for the management of air conditions and cooling for both precision-demanding laboratory conditions and data centres. A wide selection of equipment enables reliable and functional solutions in an energy-efficient way. Koja’s R&D Centre, turnkey solutions and experience are an unbeatable combination when it comes to the maintenance and management of special circumstances.


Business centres

In the right conditions, customers will spend more time shopping. This demands fresh air and a good cooling system. With Koja’s solutions, indoor air is provided in a sensible way keeping life cycle costs in mind. By investing in energy efficiency, you can gain environmental certificates that will raise the value of your business centre – and also improve the conditions that maintain the value of the property throughout its entire life cycle.


When air handling runs as it is supposed to, you will hardly notice it in the working environment. Koja’s quiet equipment creates a pleasant and comfortable setting to be productive in. Providing high-quality indoor air requires skill – Koja’s solutions are energy efficient and they help raise the property’s value with environmental certificates, for example. Ventilation and cooling are optimised for the site and are a permanent solution.


The importance of good quality indoor air in hospital environments cannot be emphasised enough. In hospitals, it is especially important that the equipment is reliable, something at which Koja is a leading expert. Hospitals also have special facilities, such as laboratories, where the conditions must be just right. Koja knows how to maintain such conditions and meet all the necessary requirements. The Future Clean product series is designed especially for clean rooms and it fulfils the requirements of standards VDI 6022 and DIN 1946-4.

Schools, preschools and nursing homes

The conditions for children and the elderly are a common topic these days. For any site, it is important that the indoor air is healthy, so that the property maintains its value and safety. In order for a building to have a long life cycle, it needs to be easy to maintain. The degree of utilisation differs, but Koja’s solutions are always optimal and adjustable, no matter how big the site is or how much it is used. Investing in indoor air and comfort is a smart investment.



The construction of the Tampere Deck complex has been a huge investment for the City of Tampere. The construction project has received extensive media coverage as it consists not only of the deck built above the railway line but also the buildings on top of it: Nokia Arena, the training rink, the Lapland Hotels Arena hotel, Casino Tampere, and the Topaasi and Kruunu residential and office buildings offering modern comfort.


Ratina Shopping Centre

Ratina, the largest shopping centre in Tampere, opened its doors in the summer of 2018. The builder, Sponda Oyj, ordered Future® air handling units from Koja.

The key to the decision to choose Koja was the proven energy efficiency of Koja's units for a ten years period. A total of 70 Koja's unit pairs have been delivered to Ratina.


Whatever the building or facility – Koja will handle the ventilation and cooling solutions with almost 90 years of experience. Our methods speed up the building process, whether it’s for a new building or a renovation. Our order-to-delivery process is flexible and is fully supported by professionals at all steps. Our optimised and dimensioned equipment saves energy, improves comfort and is a perfect fit for the site.


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