Roof extractor Tafek for fireplaces

Tafek roof extractor assures the correct wood-burning. The weak fire in small-house fireplaces may increase harmful fine particle emissions into the air even decuple compared with the cleanly burning fire. The Tafek roof extractor ensures the adequate oxygen supply, improves the efficiency of the fireplace and minimises the particle emissions.

The fan has a loose structure, which allows its power to be regulated, even switch off the fan, this in turn saves energy. The extractor also doubles as a normal roof extractor when the fireplace is not in use. Hinged structure of the fan ensures easy chimney sweeping and maintenance.

  • Air flow volume up to 0.12 m³/s
  • Pressure range up to 115 Pa
  • One-phase connection, voltage-tuned, low-power motor
  • Material stainless steel
  • Max. operating temperature 200 °C

Product information

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