Heat recovery unit HiLTO EC

HiLTO EC is energy-saving high efficiency heat recovery unit. More than half of the thermal energy in exhaust air can be recovered and used to lower a building's heating costs by including HiLTO EC as part of the heat recovery system. Energy saving heat recovery unit HiLTO EC is very well suited for decentralized ventilation both in new buildings and renovations to recover the heat from exhaust air to the preheating of supply air or domestic water.

The core components of heat recovery unit is the finned coils operating with heat transfer fluid combined with HiFEK EC technology. The unit's motor utilises the permanent magnet technology combined with an integrated frequency converter. Manholes on both sides of HiLTO EC make the unit easy to install and maintain. Filters and the finned coils equipped with condensation water basins have been installed in a vertical position. The pivoted fan is easy to turn into the maintenance position.

  • Air flow volume 0.2 - 4.0 m³/s
  • Reliable and user-friendly EC motor with HiFEK EC technology has a very high coefficient of performance, and controlling the rpm is easy
  • Motors ready wired and connected
  • Operating temperature range, from -35 to +60˚C

Product information

HiLTO EC - Brochure