Air handling unit Future®

Optimised choice of equipment is achieved by handy dimensioning program, the graphics and versatile printouts make the design and documentation easy and installation quick. Carefully selected components, incomparable mechanical, thermal and flow performance are a guarantee that Future comes up even to the highest customer expectations. 

The air handling unit Future® was designed with a great emphasis on indoor air quality factors such as a tight casing and a tight seal between the filter and frame. Considered constructional details guarantee good indoor air, economical energy consumption and silent running sound.

The frame made of steel profiles makes the air handling unit Future® extremely solid. If delivered ready assembled and fixed on the base frame, the installation of a Future® unit very simple. When necessary, the unit can also be delivered in blocks or functional modules. 

The most important feature of Future® is that it is suitable for practically any air handling purpose. The wide selection includes an air handling unit with a suitable size, flow rate capacity and component combination for every application. Our unit fills the design and tightness requirements of CEN standards and the ecodesign directives that will come into force in 2016 and 2018.

Future® Clean

Future® Clean hygiene model is the solution when the air needs to be cleaner than clean. It suites excellently for air handling unit to hospitals, health care centers and other public health institutes, as well as production of groceries and processing and electronics industry. The cleaning of functional sections is made easy by large access doors fixed, if necessary, on hinges, and pull-out components.

Product information

Future - Brochure
Future - Operation and Maintenence Manual