When the search engine company Yandex set up a new data centre in Mäntsälä, the air handling units and fans were ordered from Koja. Productive cooperation also continued in the implementation of a data centre constructed in Russia.

Listed in the Nasdaq technology stock exchange, Yandex is the leading search engine company in Russia that provides services similar to those of Google. Its clientele consists of private individuals around the world. The data centre constructed in Mäntsälä is one of Yandex’s largest, and also one of the largest in Finland.

“The data centre generates unbelievable amounts of heat, so condition management is of utmost importance. The amount of heat can be compared to 1,600 sauna stoves that are constantly on. With the help of fans, the temperature can be kept at 25 degrees,” says Data Centre Manager Ari Kurvi.


The construction of the Mäntsälä data centre commenced in 2014. The project was under the responsibility of an American company with some prior experience on working with European equipment suppliers. As finding a suitable partner was challenging, Ari Kurvi tipped the project management about Koja.

“Koja is an experienced and reliable operator that has implemented air conditioning solutions for the world’s largest cruise ships, for example. We held a meeting with Koja, and cooperation was quickly started,” Kurvi recalls.

Koja delivered more than 500 fans and the bottom-level automation to Mäntsälä and took care of the construction and installation of technical building systems. The air handling unit was constructed on-site owing to its large size.

“Cooperation succeeded very well, and we maintained communications on operational matters on a constant basis so that there were no surprises when the facility was started up. Koja was also involved in the development work when we considered technical solutions for heat recovery,” says Kurvi.

The Mäntsälä data centre was constructed in stages on an on-demand basis. Of the total capacity of the data centre, 60 % was brought to completion in the autumn of 2014 and the remaining 40 % in early 2016.

“Koja’s turnkey delivery was extremely good. The air volume blown through the building is of unprecedented proportions. I calculated that the air mass blown during one hour in the summertime equals the volume of 25 Parliament Buildings,” Kurvi explains.


Koja and Yandex co-developed new kinds of solutions for a data centre located in Russia. At Koja, research was carried out even at doctoral level, resulting in a win-win solution that can be applied to other data centres as well.

“We have the know-how of what is needed, and we received a very good response from Koja. They wanted to learn about a new industry sector with us and searched for the best solution for heat removal. I see no impediments to continuing our cooperation,” Kurvi commends.


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