Towards incomparable service

In order to offer its customers incomparable service and to keep this promise, Koja expanded its operations by setting up a branch office in Sweden in the spring. Our process fan experts ensure professional and competent service close to customers – with good local knowledge. Above all, it is now possible to meet customers’ needs faster than before.

In addition to selling process fans, also service operations are now offered by local professionals in Sweden. Project and Site Work Manager Anders Rylander, who has a lot of experience in industrial fans in the area, has been appointed to be in charge for service operations.

“It’s very inspiring to be part of the international team of Koja’s fan business.”

Koja offers the best preventive maintenance including servicing, condition inspections and spare parts, as well as comprehensive fan modernisations. Services of high quality ensure smooth operation of fans, longer service life, and better energy efficiency.

Sales Manager Mikael Petersson represents local sales staff in Sweden. He began in the Växjö office in spring 2017. Mikael has expertise and extensive experience in fans, and he is in charge of sales in Scandinavia and attracting new international customers.

The new branch office in Sweden enforces Koja’s process fan operations internationally and ensures services for current and new customers. In addition to Finnish and Swedish offices, the international sales organisation also operates in St. Petersburg, Russia.  

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