Koja Netto – Save money!

Koja has solved the problems of a traditional liquid heat recovery system using new technology. Helli Huvinen, HVAC designer at Koja, has published a final thesis on the ability of a liquid heat recovery system to retain its temperature efficiency over the long term. The key finding was that with the Koja Netto system, it is possible to retain high temperature efficiency regardless of outside temperature. Depending on dimensioning, the system is capable of achieving a temperature efficiency of as much as 80 %.

"In the new liquid heat recovery system, the liquid flow is measured continuously and heat recovery is automatically adjusted in real time, depending on the mobility of the liquid. Thanks to the system, the liquid flow is optimum in all conditions, which guarantees an even higher efficiency per year for the customer," says Huvinen. 

In the investigation featured in the thesis, the heat recovery system was tested in real-life conditions. The energy efficiency of the system was also tested with insufficient air flows when the premises were not in full use. 

”Air volumes were reduced as low as allowed by the automation system of the device. Efficiency was found to remain steady. The information confirms that our system allows our customers to save money in all conditions," Huvinen says.

According to Koja's energy expert Taneli Timlin , the results show that there is a lot of potential in view of Koja's product development and design work.

"We obtained very useful information on how the system works with different air and liquid flows. We can now utilise the results in our product development and the design interface. We have already had positive user experiences in many properties in the last two years," Timlin says.

A complete package including system dimensioning and optimisation and machine deliveries and support can be delivered directly from Koja's plant.