Towards unique outcomes with the modern technology used in the new product development and testing centre

A lot is required from testing conditions when the aim is to develop first-rate solutions. Therefore, Koja decided to build a product development and testing centre of its own.

Environmental chambers and a measuring arrangement for larger air-handling machines will be constructed in summer, which will enable tests to be performed in a variety of conditions. Whether the question is of coping with freezing arctic temperatures or with the hot, humid Caribbean climate, Koja can already test component properties at the product development stage in the new facilities in the future.

"In addition, we carry out testing according to our product standards under control conditions in our own laboratory," says Taru Lähteenmäki, Product Development Manager at Koja Ltd.

The building project that started at the beginning of the year has proceeded well. Electrical installations and plumbing are currently being performed in the product development and testing centre that will be completed in Tampere by the end of the year. Environmental chambers can then be constructed and ductworks and equipment installed. At the same time, a control room will be constructed that will collect all data and to which the measuring systems will send real-time testing information. A corresponding arrangement is rarely used elsewhere in the world and is unique in the Finnish scale.

With the major deals completed in the spring, especially with the shipbuilding industry, the new testing centre can be immediately put into use once completed. The centre makes it possible to demonstrate even larger entities.

– When the laboratory is gradually put into use towards the end of the year, we can also test our customers' projects.

The new product development and testing centre will also house a versatile testing environment for Koja's data centre cooling solutions. Koja is involved in Finland's largest data centre projects, and with the new testing centre it is possible to broadly test and verify the actual energy efficiency and productivity of Koja's solutions.

When product development, production and customers are closer to each other in the future, opportunities will open up for even more flexible and agile cooperation. The largest benefit comes from improved process efficiency.

"When we can perform tests on our own, problems can be tackled and solved quicker. Innovative ideas from the research and product development personnel can be tested immediately in the centre. The centre allows Koja to invest even more agilely in developing new innovations," Lähteenmäki says with a delighted voice.