Koja's new building services engineering concept is praised: "This is the easiest solution for the company"

Life Cycle Solutions implemented a complete energy refurbishment project in the business and production premises of Teleste Plc's head office in Littoinen, Turku.
 Teleste Plc is a Finnish technology group that develops and offers video and broadband technologies and related services. Project manager Pertti Salmela thanks Koja for fluent cooperation.

"The project went very smoothly. The concept was well designed and the finishing touches to the project were done on site in an exemplary fashion. The installation technicians were very service-minded and professional as well as being flexible in terms of their working hours,” says Salmela.

The energy refurbishment project on Teleste's business premises involved renewing the ventilation and cooling system and the related building automation, and refurbishing the control system. The energy efficiency and operating conditions have already improved.

"Although the new solutions have only been in use for a short period of time, energy consumption has already decreased. With the refurbishments introduced by Koja, the operating conditions have also clearly improved," says Salmela.

True to its concept, Life Cycle Solutions carried out the project using the single supplier tactic all the way from design to commissioning.  Salmela praises Koja for its operating model.

"Koja is capable of offering a complete package from start to finish without any intermediaries. For companies, this is the easiest way to carry out renovation projects. The cooperation will definitely continue in the future. I believe that both of us are pleased with the outcomes." 

Pasi Lähteinen, business director of Life Cycle Solutions, agrees with Salmela. The project was a successful whole and a good example of what Solutions aims to achieve with its concept.

"Our cooperation with Teleste has been fluent. Our aim is to always provide the customer with the easiest possible complete solution. Our world-class professionals plan the aspects of building services engineering that need to be improved, so we can guarantee maximum savings and state-of-the-art operating conditions for our customers."