Life Cycle Solutions offers complete building services engineering solutions as a new service

Life Cycle Solutions, Koja's new business unit, specialises in the design and implementation of complete building services engineering solutions. The new unit focuses on serving property owners, and companies managing and building properties.

"We help our customers achieve the best possible outcome by combining our strong experience with the latest technical solutions. Depending on the customer's needs, Koja's building services engineering solution can consist of the design and implementation of the whole system or part of it," says Pasi Lähteinen, business director of Life Cycle Solutions.

Koja's long experience and professional team guarantee a successful outcome in all sub-areas of building services engineering, based on the customer's needs. Projects are implemented in a cost-effective manner from the start to the commissioning phase. With the new operating model, it is also possible to supervise the property remotely in order to ensure the reliability and energy efficiency of the system.

"Our flexible complete solution ensures seamless cooperation between the various sub-areas and work phases, and a high-quality outcome. Koja aims to offer the most reliable solutions available on the market for improving energy efficiency, making changes to properties or implementing new systems," says Lähteinen.

The new business unit also focuses on developing the industrial Internet and digitalisation. Solutions develops digitalisation-based solutions that improve the energy efficiency and user friendliness of customers' properties.

"Our aim is to be our customers' life-cycle partner and, together with the customer, find real added value by optimising and developing the various sub-areas of the property's building services engineering. We do not charge our customers any monthly fees for supervision, for instance, but our earnings concept is rather based on generating real added value and productivity for customers through our expertise," says Lähteinen.

Solutions has implemented several industrial Internet pilots for properties, ships and industry during this year. Pilot projects have also been used to analyse customers' needs. Major development targets have been found together with property owners and users.

"The solution concept has been developed based on pilot projects in order to generate the best possible customer value," says Lähteinen.

Further information on the operation of the Solutions unit:

Pasi Lähteinen
+358 400 661 182