A testing centre that’s unique in Finland

A new and modern product development and testing centre will be established at Koja, which will be unique in Finland. The centre will make it possible to test and measure Koja’s own products and solutions as well as to carry out measurements for customer projects. Testing will be done in accordance with standards, thus making accreditation possible also. Our own reliable testing is a true benefit as the cycle of product development projects becomes ever quicker.

The building of the product development and testing centre is part of Koja’s wide-scale investments into expertise and product technology in Finland.  The investment in measuring methods for product development and testing capacity will bring more quality, speed and fluidity to product development projects. Building has started at our Tampere premises at the beginning of the year and the first measurement can begin in summer 2017.

Taru Lähteenmäki, R&D Manager at Koja Oy, is happy with the progress being made.

“The modern centre will make it possible to develop our own products and solutions quicker, as we will be able to test and make measurements in our own facilities, and in the right conditions. As a result we can offer even more high-quality and energy-efficient products to our customers.”

The testing facilities will have comprehensive testing systems for the accurate measurement of performance values, and for testing devices under realistic conditions. Air handling units and their components, heat transfer units, data room cooling and process fans will all have their own testing facilities. In addition, there will be rooms where the required conditions will be maintained for the testing of Marine series products. In future, the test systems allow wider installations to be demonstrated as well how automation functions at the system level.  Then we can test the functioning of the regulating methods for air handling units, data rooms or cabin automation.

“Testing and measuring in the right conditions is an important addition to the measurement capacity of product development. It enables the comprehensive testing of devices in the product development phase before they are moved into production,” says Lähteenmäki.