Koja’s management system gained new certificates

”Before all, I’m so proud of all our employees who have done a lot of work for the HSE certification.” Project leader Johanna Kärki is both happy and relieved because of Koja’s new certificates.

Koja has developed its operations in health, environment and safety issues (also called HSE) aiming to protect both environment and employees. As a result, Koja’s management system achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certificates on June 2015. The quality aspect has been certified already in 1997, when Koja achieved its first certification according to standard ISO 9001.

The certification project started one and a half years ago by conducting a survey of environmental and safety issues in Koja. The survey was carried out in all business areas. Koja set objectives and targets and established programmes to achieve them. In the beginning of the project consultant Seija Meriluoto had an important role as a support for Koja with her professional knowledge and experience. ”Thanks to Seija, HSE is now a tool for daily work in Koja which helps us to develop our operations continuously”, says Kärki.

In the future, Koja will continue the HSE work by operating in the ways that have been created during the certification project. Yearly, a third party will carry out an audit in order to maintain the standard. Koja’s management, business areas and every employee have to take responsibility of their actions in daily work. Koja’s management has given crucial support and commitment to this project, but also active participation of employees has made it possible to achieve the certificates.

”This is not a project. This is a process. During this one and a half year we have improved and created our ways to operate. We have now set a good basis for the future”, Kärki clarifies. Koja Ltd’s managing director Matti Sippola agrees with Kärki: ”HSE is much more than certificates. It’s a part of our work every day in different functions.”