Koja brings pleasant conditions to Zsar Outlet Village

Koja Life Cycle Solutions has agreed with East Gate Finland on the overall building HVAC system delivery to Zsar Outlet Village. The delivery includes planning and implementing of the building HVAC systems in addition to a comprehensive energy monitoring system.

The first phase of the outlet mall, located immediately adjacent to the busiest border crossing point at Vaalimaa, will size up to 13 000 gross square meters including space for stores, restaurants and offices.

The production form of energy in the properties is renewable geothermal energy. Heating and cooling energy is produced from the soil by using hybrid heat pumps. The hybrid solution together with the smart building automation ensures pleasant conditions for the users as well as low costs in the operating environment. Koja’s own solutions and products will be comprehensively used in the project, in addition to products of Koja’s cooperative partners.

The planning of the project is in the final stage and the implementation will start during January-February 2018. The first phase will be assigned in November 2018. 

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