Koja USA Inc. officially opened in Miami

The official opening ceremonies of Koja USA Inc. were held in Miami in the beginning of November. The company has operated in Florida for almost a year, with cruise lines forming its main customer group. Koja USA Inc. is a subsidiary company of Koja Ltd. and it was established in December 2016. The official opening was postponed due to transitions of personnel and partner schedules.

“Now we can truly call us a real US company”, says Pasi Lähteinen, CEO of Koja USA Inc.

The opening was held at the Miami office with customers and partners from Florida. Lähteinen thanks all the participants:

“The opening had a very relaxed atmosphere, but we also had a good chance to talk about developing our business with our partners. It has been a pleasure to cooperate with you!”

From left to right: Henri Tuhola, Kjell Larsen, Eddie Wehus, Pasi Lähteinen and Akseli Kaakko.